WASS Leadership and Bylaws

Western Association of Slavic Studies (WASS)

The Western Association of Slavic Studies comprises scholars in multiple disciplines who are interested in the fields of humanities, arts, and social sciences as they relate to Russia, the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Scholars from all parts of the United States and Canada are welcome at its annual meetings which are held in conjunction with the Western Social Science Association.  The WASS promotes both single discipline and interdisciplinary studies at these annual meetings providing for lively and exciting discussions between scholars and policy-makers. The Western Association for Slavic Studies also acts as the regional host when ASEEES meets on the West Coast.

Board of Directors

  • President (2017-2018) Lynn Lubamersky, Boise State University, Department of History L186, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID  83725.  Tel: 208-426-3358; llubame@boisestate.edu.
  • Past President (2017-2018): Robert Niebuhr, Arizona State University, Barrett, The Honors College Sage South 152, Tempe, AZ 85287.  Tel: 480-727-5335; Robert.niebuhr@asu.edu
  • Treasurer (2015- ): Robert Niebuhr, Arizona State University, Barrett, The Honors College Sage South 152, Tempe, AZ 85287. Tel: 480-727-5335; Robert.niebuhr@asu.edu
  • Program Coordinator (2017-2018): Mark A. Cichock, University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Political Science 601 Neddermann Drive, Arlington 76019.  Tel: 817-272-2388; Cichock@uta.edu
  • Executive Council (2017-2018): Lynn Lubamersky, Boise State University; Mark A. Cichock, University of Texas at Arlington; Peter Mentzel, The Liberty Fund; Robert Niebuhr, Arizona State University; Evguenia Davidova, Portland State University.

Additional Information

  • Business meetings: WASS holds its annual business meeting during the Western Social Science Association conference.
  • Membership Dues: $15 per year, $7 for graduate or undergraduate students.
  • Contact: Mark A. Cichock, University of Texas at Arlington
WASS Board

WASS Board



 Article 1: Purpose of the organization.

            a. The Western Association of Slavic Studies (hereafter WASS) is a professional academic association for the study of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.   The countries and areas of interest include but are limited to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and the various peoples of these countries in other cultures and states.

            b. The WASS is a regional affiliate of the Association for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies (ASEEES).  WASS is also an affiliated organization in conjunction with the Western Social Science Association (WSSA).

            c. the WASS is the legal successor to the Rocky Mountain Western Slavic Association and the Western Slavic Studies Association.

 Article 2: Membership.

            a. The WASS is a multi-disciplinary association open to academics, policy-makers, and other interested parties from disciplines not limited to the disciplines of humanities, arts, and social sciences.

            b. Membership in the WASS is not limited to the western United States but may come from any state, Canadian province, or foreign country.

            c. Membership in the WASS is fifteen dollars ($15) per year for all except graduate or undergraduate students who will pay seven dollars ($7) per year.  The membership fee is set by the general membership in the association’s annual meeting.  Dues are to be collected as part of the annual WSSA registration fees. 

 Article 3: Governance.

General decisions for the association are made by the membership in its business meeting which is held once a year at the time of the annual convention.  The membership shall meet to discuss the business of the association.  In between annual meetings the officers of the association shall have the right to plan for the annual convention, disburse funds for the association’s needs, and communicate with all members regarding upcoming events and policy issues.

The officers of the WASS shall include:

            a. the President who will hold office for a one-year term beginning at the time of the annual meeting.  The duties of the president include:

                        i. consulting with other officers periodically throughout the year;

                        ii. suggesting policy changes and business procedures to those officers;

                        iii. promoting the annual convention;

                        iv. communicating with other professional associations including the

                            WSSA and the AAASS;

                        v. conducting the annual business meeting and coordinating the agenda.

               The new president nominates the program coordinator for the next annual convention and confirms this selection in the annual meeting.   

            b. the Program Coordinator whose responsibilities include:

                        i. making a call for papers/presentations for the upcoming annual


                        ii. soliciting participation for that convention;

                        iii. coordinating the development of the meeting’s program;

            The program coordinator communicates all decisions about panels and presentations  with the program coordinator for the Western Social Science Association (WSSA).  He/she ensures that the program is fully prepared and meets all WSSA deadlines.

               At the time of the annual convention the program coordinator shall become the new president of WASS.

            c. The Treasurer:

                        i. is the fiscally responsible officer for all financial accounts and records

                           of the association;

                        ii. disburses all payments relating to the association;

                        iii. makes a full report of the organization’s financial situation at the

                             annual meeting including an accounting of revenues and debts.

            The treasurer is elected at the annual meeting and may be reconfirmed on a yearly basis.

            The treasurer is listed on the bank account and holds the financial information.  A second person should be added as a signer just in case something happens to the treasurer.

 Article 4: The Annual Convention.

            Once a year the association meets to discuss professional and academic issues in convention.  The annual convention is held in conjunction with the Western Social Science Association.  Papers, presentations, and performances are all welcomed as means to convey the study the disciplines of  Slavic and Eurasian studies.

 Article 5: Graduate Student Paper Competition.

            Each year the association shall choose the best graduate student paper presented at the annual convention.  The selection will receive a $150 prize.  The award will be forwarded to the ASEEES for consideration as a winner in that organization’s annual competition.

Article 6: Amending the by-laws.

            By-laws may be amended at the annual convention by the whole membership.  Proposed amendments must be communicated to the membership at least one month prior to the annual convention for the purpose of discussion and consideration.

            These by-laws supercede any previous by-laws of either the RMWSA or the Western Slavic Studies Association.


Ratified by the membership, April 15, 2005